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Cub Scout Pack 360
(Granbury, Texas)
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Congratulations – Welcome to the World of Scouting! We are so glad to have you joining us!

Chartered by Acton United Methodist Church

Your child has the opportunity to achieve several ranks in Cub Scouts – 

Tiger – 1st Grade

Wolf – 2nd Grade

Bear – 3rd Grade

Webelos – 4th Grade

Sr. Webelos – 5th Grade

All cub scouts must earn their BobCat badge before they can earn any rank in Cub Scouts.  After your child receives the Arrow of Light as a Sr. Webelo then they can enter Boy Scouts.

While you child is in Cub Scouts – 

Every Thursday there is a scout activity.

The last Thursday of the month is a Pack Meeting children need to be in Class A Uniform for these special meetings.  During the monthly Pack Meeting is when your child’s status is recognized and is presented their awards/achievements for the entire Pack to acknowledge. 

All other Thursday meetings are den meetings this is where your Cub will work on completing their achievements in order to be able to advance in rank. There is a particular den leader + assistant per den although it is highly recommended that each parent stay and participate with the den.

Occasionally we will have special activities on Saturday to help the scouts learn and earn.

All scout adults, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and so forth are encouraged to add to the scout experience.  Every registered adult must take a 30 minute BSA mandated Youth Protection course for everyone’s best interest.  The majority of all trainings including Leader Specific and YPT is available online.  We would like for all our parents to take this course as well.  This course tells you what is acceptable and what is not and it gives you a little bit of insight to how your leaders will conduct themselves.  Plus it truly is a safer environment if all adults have taken the training.

A well run pack is not successful with the hands of one person it is only successful at the hands of many.  Your presence can make a difference.

We are pleased you have joined Cub Scout Pack 360 and we invite you to be a participant in your child’s development.

Yours in Scouting,

Pack 360

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