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Cub Scout Pack 210
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Webelos Den Information

All meetings are from 7-8pm unless otherwise noted. The meeting on Dec 12 will start at 7:30pm.

Please arrive early so we can start promptly at 7pm.

If you miss a meeting, refer to your handbook or

for a list of requirements needed to complete the belt loop.

Meeting Schedule 2019-2020




SEPT 26 (Thurs)

Introduction to: Stronger, Faster, Higher and Webelos Walkabout

Carroll Center

OCT 17 (Thurs)

Cast Iron Chef

Carroll Center

OCT 26 (Sat)

Cast Iron Chef

Overnight Camping (Oct 26-27)

New England Base Camp

411 Unquity Rd., Milton MA 02816


Pack event - the Webelos will be

learning to build a fire & prepare dinner.

$50 per Scout (camping, activities,   dinner, breakfast) / $15 per Adult (camping, dinner, breakfast).  Every Scout needs to be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them.  Bring your own lunch and snacks for Saturday!

NOV 14 (Thurs) - No meeting

No meeting; Scouts work on Duty to God and CyberChip at home


DEC 12 (Thurs)

7:30pm start

First Responder: Ms Shin-Li Lao (Newton Public Health Nurse Educator) will review all steps except #6 and #7

Carroll Center - note 7:30pm start time

JAN 16 (Thurs)

Complete First Responder

Carroll Center

FEB 13 (Thurs)

No meeting; Scouts can complete Duty to God, CyberChip, or other requirements

Carroll Center

MAR 12 (Thurs) - CANCELLED

Fix It! Elective - CANCELLED


APR 16 (Thurs)

7pm - 8:30pm

Art Explosion Elective


465 Huntington Ave, Boston

MAY 9 (Sat)

Webelos Walkabout

Noanet Woods

Powisset St, Dover

At Home Belt Loop Requirements

Here are a list of activities to do at home as they will not be covered as a group:

Bobcat Badge

If this is your first year scouting, start by completing the Bobcat requirements. (See Webelos handbook.)

Cyber Chip - Each Scout will need to “recharge” their chip from last year

Complete the following found at

1) Read, commit to, and sign the Level I Internet Safety Pledge. (BSA Cyber Chip blue card)

2) Watch the video “The Password Rap ” and another video of your choosing.

How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

Complete the exercises in the pamphlet together. (See Webelos handbook.)

Duty to God and You

Do either requirement 1 OR requirement 2. (see Webelos handbook.)

1) Earn the religious emblem of your faith for Webelos Scouts

2) Complete at least three of requirements 2a–2d:

a. Help plan, support, or actively participate in a service of worship or reflection. Show reverence during the service.

b. Review with your family or den members what you have learned about your duty to God.

c. Discuss with your family, family’s faith leader, or other trusted adult how planning and participating in a service of worship or reflection helps you live your duty to God.

d. List one thing that will bring you closer to doing your duty to God, and practice it for one month. Write down what you will do each day to remind you.

Stronger, Faster, Higher

1) Carry out your exercise plan for 30 days, and write down your progress each week.

2) Try a new sport you have never tried before.

Cast Iron Chef

1) Set personal nutritional goals. Keep a food journal for one week; review your journal to determine if the goals were met.

2) Plan a menu for a balanced meal for your den or family. Determine the budget for the meal. Shop for the items on your menu while staying within your budget.

Art Explosion

Create a hard-copy or digital portfolio of your projects. Share it with your family and members of your den or pack.

First Responder

1) Put together a home first-aid kit. Explain what you included and how to use each item correctly.

2) Create and practice an emergency readiness plan for your home or den meeting place.

Webelos Walkabout

Attend at least 1 pack service project:

1) Fall Service Project: Park Clean-Up -- Sunday, October 20, 2019, 1-3pm, Mason-Rice Elementary, 149 Pleasant St., Newton (Newton Centre Playground).

2) Spring Service Project TBD

Contact Information

Anna Hnasko 617-515-7905

Nish Jobanputra 908-698-3949

Contact Anna when a requirement has been completed at home

so we can track badge requirements for each scout.