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Hiking Club

Pack 684 Hiking Club


Pack 684 hikes mostly every month, as long as there are Scouts and family members willing to go. The hikes we go on are appropriate for the boys age and skill level; not too hard, and not too easy. There are many requirements and electives from the scout books that can be done during hikes. Hike attendance is recorded by the hiking coordinator, as well as distance of the hike. A running total of mileage is recorded and kept by the hiking coordinator for all Scouts attending hikes. Scouts earn awards for milestones in their hiking career, Cub Scouts should wear these patches on their red brag vests.

1st hike attended - 

10 miles - A 10 mile rocker


 20 miles - A 20 mile rocker

  30 miles - A 30 mile rocker 

 40 miles - a 40 mile rocker 

 50 miles - a 50 mile rocker and hiking stick 





How far will we go?

     Hike lengths range typically 3 – 7 miles. Tigers have no problem with 2-3 mile hikes. Just ensure that the parent-guardian has plenty of water along, and a few snacks (for both of you).
     On longer hikes we will typically eat lunch on the trail (practicing “Leave No Trace” at all times). Scouts will carry water bottles and may use day packs (or parent-guardian acts as the beast of burden). On warmer weather hikes, a small water bottle is not enough for even the smallest Scout.
     During winter, prior to departure, double check the dress of the Scouts (particularly newer Scouts) to ensure they are properly prepared. If not, you may need to wait for them to go and pick up the forgotten, hat, gloves, mittens, coat, boots, etc.
     An adult leader is assigned to the “tail” position. No one is allowed behind this individual. The Pack hikes as a unit. We start together, break together, etc., with everyone following the same trail. We may allow an older Cub Scout to “Lead."


1) Very outdoor oriented

2) Helps ready Scout for Boy Scouts. By their Webelos year, they are very comfortable in outdoor situations.

3) Recruitment. The hiking stick is a very positive incentive for new Scouts.

4) Increases participation in the Pack. Scouts look forward to earning their hiking stick, patches, etc.

5) Miles can transfer to Boy Scouts if the Boy Scout troop has a hiking program similar to this program.

6) Easy to reinforce buddy system along trail, walks to outhouse, etc.

7) Numerous opportunities to draw in Scouting requirements and lessons.

Leader issues

1) Need two deep (minimum) on all hikes.

2) Need to remain mindful of safety. Most common issue is hydration.

3) Leaders should be trained, with youth protection training. 1 leader attending all hikes should be hazardous weather trained. "trek on safely" training recommended.

4) Any Scouts attending hikes without a parent needs a permission slip, and will be assigned to an attending leaders responsibility.

5) Be sure someone (at home who isn't going) has a "hike plan", stating where you are going and how long you expect to be out.

A good Pack hiking program depends upon Scouts showing up to hike. Come on out and give it a try...
...The outdoors is calling you!